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History’s most expensive, valuable sporting memorabilia

History’s most expensive, valuable sporting memorabilia

Here are the top five most expensive or valuable pieces of sporting memorabilia in history. Many of these iconic items for sporting legends sold for millions.

Those dollar bills sure stack up when it comes to purchasing memorabilia from sporting legends. For many, owning an item from a sports icon is a bucket list goal, so it’s understandable that people are willing to pay staggering sums of money for these items.

Here are the top five most expensive or valuable pieces of sporting memorabilia in history, in US dollars.

1) Babe Ruth Jersey – $4,415,658

Although Mr Ruth retired in the 1920s, his stellar record of 713 home runs makes him one of the greatest baseball players in history. This jersey was believed to be earliest one he wore while playing for the New York Yankees, and was once exhibited in the The Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum in Baltimore, according to The Richest.

2) Founding rules of basketball document – $4,338,500

This important piece of paper, turned bronze with age, was written in 1891 by none other than James Naismith, the man who is credited with creating the sport of basketball. Mr Naismith was the Athletic Director at Kansas University for four decades.

3) Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Ball – $3,000,000

Entrepreneur Todd McFarlane purchased this ball at auction, a memoir of Mr Mcgwire’s iconic home run in 1998. Commenting on his decision to buy this gem, Mr McFarlane told The Washington Post he was a “sports fanatic” who would love to be a player himself, making this purchase a passionate investment.

4) Honus Wagner baseball card from 1909 – $2,800,000

As you can see, its not just clothing or sports gear that people collect, but cards too. This American Tobacco Company card shows Mr Wagner, affectionately called ‘the Flying Dutchman’. However, what makes it rare is that Mr Wagner refused to have his face associated with smoking and so only 60-200 were ever printed, escalating the price.

5) Sheffield Football Club rulebook from c. 1857 – $1,400,000

Sold at Sotheby’s auction house, this historic rulebook hails from the world’s first professional football club, based in England. Handwritten laws in this pamphlet are still obeyed today.