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Alaska Off-Road Warriors

rating-mAlaska Off-Road Warriors
Season 1

Alaska Off-Road Warriors is a show consisting of four of the world’s best extreme drivers who team up with the hottest mechanics to face down some of the world’s harshest terrain. It’s man and machine versus the wild. It’s a race but it is also survival of the fittest. It’s about skill and ingenuity and thinking on the fly. Each team will arrive with their chosen vehicle and everything they will need to make it to the end.

From the muddy terrain to the unpredictable wilderness, these teams will travel across eight of the most dangerous and rugged trails in the world. The trails will be divided into two legs and the team with the lowest aggregated time from all the trails will be named the winner. As they race against time–and each other–the perils of their journey will not only test their trusty vehicles, but the teams themselves. Which team will be the victor of this quest to find out who can navigate the extreme wilderness of Alaska?

Alaska Off-Road Warriors is a true competition that binds both man and machine in one.