Baggage Battles

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Season 5

Baggage Battles follows four savvy “Auction Specialists” who travel the world looking to snatch up lost personal property in an attempt to turn huge profits.

They travel to some of the most important and unknown auctions around. It is here that pickers and resale experts bid on everything from lost luggage, to abandoned personal property, to seized goods of unusual merchandise.

Some of the notable events include the “Dump and Treasure Hunt” at the Miami International Airport Auction and the famous Greasby’s Auction House in London. With dozens of auctions to travel to, thousands of bags to explore, and millions of dollars at stake, these specialists need both skill and luck to hit the jackpot.

You’ve never seen battles quite like what you’ll see in Baggage Battles. Whether it’s two people against each other who really want a bag, or one person purely trying to get under another person’s skin, Baggage Battles sure knows how to get tempers boiling.

There are differing personality types from all walks of life that attend these options. From hustlers to dealers to pure wild cards, you never know how any particular auction is going to go. You also won’t believe how much an nondescript bag of unclaimed luggage can go for…