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Barry’d Treasure

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Season 1

Barry’d Treasure follows the exploits of Barry Weiss, the lovably eccentric “Collector” viewers fell in love with on A&E’s hit series Storage Wars. Barry¬†tracks down some of the rarest and most valuable collectible treasures the country has to offer.

On his cross country journey to find and trade unique items, the incomparable Mr. Weiss will sometimes stray, often surprise, and always entertain in a way that only he can.

He will be joined by a motley crew of sidekicks, riding shotgun in his enviable collection of automobiles and aiding him in his efforts to haggle with the toughest negotiators in America. These oddball collectors of the obscure have some of the most fascinating finds Barry has ever seen, and share his obsession for rare treasures.

Barry Weiss collects cars in his spare time, and he finds some beauties in Barry’d Treasure. Barry is famous in the antique business where he has an impressive and remarkable knowledge.

You haven’t seen Barry quite as you’ll see him in Barry’d Treasure. He’s cruder and shrewder than ever before in this laugh-out-loud series. Where he was part of a crowd in Storage Wars, Barry’d Treasure give Barry exactly what he wants: a starring role in his own series.

A mixture of expected, an unexpected results ensue.