British Treasure, American Gold

pg ratingBritish Treasure, American Gold
Season 1

Jesse McClure (of Storage Hunters fame) will put $100,000 of his family’s hard earned cash on the line as they hit the British streets in search of the biggest and boldest bargains the nation has to offer. They have just 6 weeks to find and ship back the most profitable British treasures to their family’s antique store in Los Angeles helmed by Jesse’s Dad, Mac.

Jesse has his eye on treasures with a brazenly British style… From World War II rifles to Classic Mini Coopers, Jesse and his wife, Ashley, seek out the most obscure fringe auctions, car boot sales, house clearances and market fairs in the country to find the rarest antiquities & collectables with the hope that U.S antiquers will pay through the roof to get their hands on exclusive British memorabilia!