Country Bucks

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Season 2

Country Bucks follows the daily adventures of the Busbice family and their company, Wildgame Innovations, that creates ground-breaking products across the spectrum of the outdoor lifestyle.

This family never stops thinking and experimenting with their products to stay ahead of the curve. On their 55,000-acre game preserve just outside Olla, Louisiana, they relentlessly pursue their outside-the-box approach to hunting/outdoor gear, operating on the notion that no idea is too crazy or too stupid to try at least once.

If you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty and enjoy the antics of the Robertson family, then Country Bucks is sure to be a hit in  your household. This is no coincidence either, as the Busbice family are actually good friends with the Robertson Clan, with Willie especially dropping by regularly.

You won’t believe the genius and sheer oddity of some of the inventions that come out of Country Bucks. It’ll both amaze and entertain!