Duck Dynasty

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The Final Season

Ask anyone in Louisiana and they’ll tell you that the Bayou State’s favourite first family doesn’t live in the governor’s mansion, but in the backwoods where they operate a sporting empire fabricating, of all things, duck calls! They’re the modern day Beverly Hillbillies who are living the American Dream, operating a multi-million dollar enterprise while remaining true to themselves and their outdoor lifestyle. They are Duck Dynasty.

The most famous Robertson of all is the patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, better known as the Duck Commander. Along with his brother Silas, sons Willie and Jase, their respective wives Korie and Missy, and Phil’s best friend John, they run Duck Commander Products and employ half their neighbourhood as they grow a booming business.

It’s a never-ending adventure as they put out one fire after another, but that’s not to say they don’t have their share of fun. While they still enjoy the simple life that can only be found in their modest rural community, they have indulged in a few new toys thanks to their new-found wealth, most notably, an extravagant 45-foot motor home for travelling to trade shows. The only problem is nobody can drive it!
Duck Dynasty will leave you in stitches of laughter while also wiping away the tears during every tender family moment.