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Gus Worland: Marathon Man

pg ratingGus Worland: Marathon Man
Season 1

Gus Worland is a radio host, overweight couch potato and Hugh Jackman’s best mate, and is now a man with a mission, to run the New York Marathon.

But before he conquers the “Big Apple”, he has to start eating a few. Gus’ journey from being clinically obese to a lean, mean marathon man will not be an easy one.

Taking himself to his physical limits, Gus is tested in a set of challenges to achieve his goal of shedding 40kgs in six months and prepare him for the tough task of completing the 42.195km TCS New York City Marathon.

Will Gus make it across the finish line in New York, and shed the 40kgs he needs to, or will he fall back into his old habits?