Hero Ink

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Sundays at 4:00pm from September 22 until December 8

Hero Ink profiles one the the most unique tattoo shops in the United States – Prison Break Tattoos in Houston, Texas. Owned and operated by BK Klevens, a 25 year veteran of the Houston police department, the shop was created to carve out a space in the sometimes seedy world of tattoos, in which cops, firemen, EMS professionals, and members of the military can go to get inked by people they can trust, since all the artists are also current or former first responders. Each client who comes to Prison Break is looking to commemorate, or pay tribute to, a specific incident from
the job which had a profound affect on their lives. As the work is being done, stories unfold through intimate interviews and engaging conversation by an artist who shares his or her client’s sense of duty and service. Body-cam, news media coverage, personal photos, and archival footage are used to bring stories of heroism and heartbreak to life in a visceral and emotional way, as clients receive a permanent reminder of the sacrifices they and their brothers and sisters in arms make when they sign up for a life of service.