pg ratingJacked!
Season 1

Jacked! is a new character-driven series follows Jeremy Patterson and his team of ex-cons as they travel America raising people’s houses, and their spirits.

They do this by restoring the confidence and faith of home-owners who have been traumatised by extreme weather, particularly hurricanes Katrina, Isaac and, most recently, Sandy.

In New Orleans, the wettest city in the US, Jeremy tackles buildings that many believed were beyond saving, and where home-owners have been waiting for years, for their homes and lives to return to normal.

When growing up, all Jeremy’s father did was move building. He’d move houses for commercial developments and jack homes up after natural disasters. Jeremy is now just following in his father’s footsteps.

But house jacking in the Big Easy is anything but easy.

Jacked! is a feel-good redemption and restoration story that shouldn’t be missed.