Log Cabin Fever

Season 2

Set in a world of pick-up trucks and bluegrass music, Log Cabin Fever is about big builds, big machines, and big personalities. Follow Charlie Norman and his boys as they scour the Appalachians discovering abandoned antique log cabins and give them a new lease on life. Every week, Charlie and crew load up their gear – which includes a lot of heavy equipment – and head out to God-knows-where. The locations are far from main roads, and there’s no electricity or running water, but what they do for a living is one of the coolest ways to make a buck. From the 200-year-old lumbar from the nearly extinct ‘Wormy’ Chestnut tree to the kind of old chimneys that don’t exist anymore, these mountain men deconstruct every structure piece-by-piece and use them to fashion custom log cabins with the look and feel of something that time forgot. To the untrained eye these buildings could be seen as nothing special, but to the Log Cabin Fever team, they’re a glimpse inside true Americana.