Meet The Hockers



Step inside the door of Australia’s oldest and largest pawnshop and explore the secrets behind the people and items that come in to the shop. Aceben Pawnbroking in Sydney’s CBD is run by Mike and his team; Pauly the resident prankster, Jess the country sweetheart, and Aaron the class clown. They encounter new customers trying to negotiate their way to the best deal, plus loads of cash, cars, and jewellery. It’s an eye into a different part of the world as we find out what financial pinch the customers are in, how they got there, and what other quirky motives they have for cashing in their possessions.

From trash to treasure and hot items that can be a little too hot, you’ll never know what’s coming through the door! What is it about today? Two customers present with illegal or stolen items, another presents with an improbable story about a Bible stopping a bullet (disproved by staff) and a man called Bird who walks the streets with a black bird on his shoulder comes in to buy a gift for a friend in the USA.

Other stories include a woman learning the sacrifices her Grandmother must have made during The Great Depression and a glamorous woman adding to her jewellery collection. Strange but wonderful times indeed!