Milwaukee Blacksmith

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Season 1

Kent and Shannon Knapp own and operate Milwaukee Blacksmith along with their six kids. From bank vaults to bike frames, there’s nothing this family can’t forge – they’re the best in Milwaukee, and Kent is anxious for his sons to step up and carry the business into the future. But skilled as they are they still have a lot to learn, and they all have different opinions on how things should be done. For Kent, blacksmithing is his life’s passion, but following the dream isn’t all fun. The stresses of being a father, husband, manager and boss all at the same time weigh heavily on him; the nature of a blacksmith’s business is feast or famine, and when your entire family is dependent on one business, there’s constant pressure to maintain a steady flow of clients. In order to make ends meet, Kent and Shannon put their kids’ skills and hard work ethic to good use in the neighbourhood, trading their work for goods and services.