Outback Truckers S3 – Sneak Peek

The outback is one of the world’s last wild frontiers. It’s vast, untamed and home to some of the toughest to reach places on Earth. For the giant trucks who roam this epic, harsh country, there’s only one way to get from A to B – the hard way. Whether it’s taking on scorching deserts, battling torrential rains that turn roads into rivers, or braving a continent’s worth of brutal bitumen and desolate dirt… this is a land that can destroy trucks and truckers in a heartbeat. But for the men and women who risk their rigs and their lives to face it, this punishing wilderness is a home from home. In this season, we hit the road train again, for a whole new season of dirt, dramas and dangers, joining some of the toughest, most skilled truckers on the planet, as they haul their massive loads through hell on Earth. Without them, Australia would grind to a halt. Their mission: to get their freight in and their trucks out.