pg ratingPawnography
Season 1

Pawnography is set in Las Vegas, and is a half-hour game show pits clever contestants who think they are aces at history against the boss man himself, Rick Harrison.

In each episode of Pawnography, Rick puts his reputation, as well as his stuff, on the line. A quick-witted host asks the trivia questions about specific historic items featured in Pawn Stars.

In a series of eliminations, the contestants are whittled down from three to one, with the finalist going one-on-one with the Pawn Stars star in an attempt to take home the cash prize.

Rick’s son Corey and his good mate Chumlee are there to help and do more than pull their weight when it comes to answering some of the trickier, more obscure questions. You’ll be amazed at the information that these guys are able to recall right off the top of their heads.

If you thought some of the negotiations in Pawn Stars were intense… this is a whole new ball game.