Ronnie’s Redneck Road Trip

Season 1

Ronnie Shirley and one of North Carolina’s top repo men, is heading to the UK. From car re-possession in the USA, he’s branching out into international car dealing, as he packs his bags for a make or break deals in the UK. His business with his wife, Amy, is in the red and this new line of work could same them financially. But the UK is a huge culture shock for Ronnie; the food, the driving, and most of all, the people. Ronnie’s Redneck Road Trip sees Ronnie crossing the length and breadth of the UK to secure classic British cars for his US clients. And Ronnie always has a unique way of doing business; from taking on irritating upper class brits, to arms wrestling, Ronnie stops at nothing the seal the deal. Full of quirky characters, this is a fuel-filled transactional series.