Storage Wars Season 12 – E5 Sneak Peek

Storage Wars returns for another twelve episodes of discovery fun! Auctioneers Dan & Laura Dotson and Emily Wears do their best to keep the buyers in check, but it isn’t easy. Brandi & Jarrod navigate their way through lockers that send them everywhere from community gaming houses to sequin palaces. Darrell Sheets does his best to find the sweetest semi-retirement he can, being more selective and leaning as much on his instincts as possible.

Dave Hester continues to irritate those around him like only he can, while consistently making the most of whatever he finds. Mary Padian tries every angle to insert herself into this male-dominated business, catching a break here and there and even teaming up with a familiar face from Texas to gain an advantage.

Ivy Calvin presses on in his inimitable style, including his boys in the process not only for the manpower but to distract the other buyers whenever possible. Rene Nezhoda keeps it all in the family, enlisting the help not only of his wife Casey, but his daughter and father as well. Then there’s Kenny Crossley, who seems to have gotten his buying rhythm finally even if he DOES fall for a shiny object once in a while finding his way to ‘The Mistress of the Dark’ and even pulling a stunt so crazy that no one else saw it coming.

Finally, Shana & Edwina, ‘The Vegas Ladies,’ commit themselves fully to the life, showing the rest that while their methods may seem mad, they’re here to stay.