The Return Of Shelby The Swamp Man



Deep within Louisiana’s unforgiving Bedico Swamp an American hero is down – but not out. For living legend Shelby Stanga, the last two years have been his hardest. First, his pride and joy pirate ship sank – destroying his livelihood. Then, he and his wife broke up. Shelby retreated to the deepest part of the swamp – survived off the land – and regrouped. It’s the latest step of a family lineage that dates back to the 1700s when his Cajun ancestors refused to bow to the British and fled to Louisiana. In the swamp, only the strong get a second chance. Now, Shelby’s emerging a new man – with a new sidekick and a new plan.

This series is a reboot for this man. Shifting away from the straight comedic approach of the past, the show will focus on the expertise Shelby employs to survive in the swamp: hunting snakes, fashioning shelter out of his unique surroundings, and employing his own version of swamp medicine.

Maintaining Shelby’s natural humour, however, he and his new young partner Angela will also go after the occasional rogue beast. The series will also follow his new enterprise – salvaging sunken boats which litter the waterways. His not-so-secret weapon is his masterpiece “The Leviathan” – a massive barge he’s outfitting and plans to take on an epic 100-mile journey for the biggest payday of his life. It’s his greatest adventure yet.