Tornado Hunters

pg ratingTornado Hunters
Season 1

Nothing quite compares to the fury of a tornado. They can obliterate large buildings, hurl tractor trailers into the sky, and produce softball size hail. So what kind of person would drive into one of these things intentionally? Three fearless, adrenaline-seeking road warriors named Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick and Ricky Forbes a.k.a. The Tornado Hunters. Despite the extremely high stakes – danger, uncertainty and a trail a destruction lurking around every turn, nothing can stop this storm seeking trio from risking it all to get the perfect shot; including facing the biggest twister ever recorded head on, a 2.6 mile wide monster with winds approaching 300 mph.¬† With web cams in their high-tech F150 truck capturing every jaw-dropping aspect of nature’s power and beauty, there’s no doubt viewers will be swept up in the on screen intensity and feel like the chase is on for them too.