Truck Night in America

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Wednesdays at 7.30pm AEST from June 13 until August 22

Truck Night in America makes history with the toughest truck obstacle course ever built. America and trucks go together, and since 1925 when the first American factory-produced truck rolled off the line, American owners have been devising ingenious ways to make them faster, stronger, and better.

On this series, five truck owners compete in a series of gruelling challenges that test their craftsmanship and driving ability to the max. Each episode features unique challenges that test trucks in a way that’s never been seen before. The challenges culminate in The Green Hell, a 5km obstacle course which includes challenges that send trucks flying off jumps, over a mountain of crushed cars and even through a snake-infested swamp.

Helping them along the way are four experts in the off road world – they coach, they build, they fix, but the one thing they can’t do is drive. In the end, the truck who finishes is crowned the champion – if they can make it that far.

Season 1
Date & time
11: The Best Of Truck Night
11: The Best Of Truck Night
Wed 22 August·7:30pm
Wed 22 August·10:30pm
Thu 23 August·3:45am
Thu 23 August·1:00pm
Sat 25 August·6:30pm
Sun 26 August·6:10am
Sun 26 August·10:00pm
Mon 27 August·8:30am
10: In The Hole
10: In The Hole
Wed 15 August·7:30pm
Wed 15 August·10:30pm
Thu 16 August·3:45am
Thu 16 August·1:00pm
Sat 18 August·6:30pm
Sun 19 August·6:10am
Sun 19 August·10:00pm
Mon 20 August·8:30am