Vintage Tech Hunters

Mondays at 8pm AEDT from November 4

We’re all so preoccupied with the ‘next big thing’ in tech, most of us don’t realise that the real treasures are hiding in our basements, attics and closets! Vintage Tech Hunters features charismatic retro-tech-collecting duo, Bohus (“Bo”) and Shaun, who’ve turned their obsession with obscure technology into a thriving and lucrative business. They’re constantly looking for rare and nostalgic technology: because to the right collector, those items are worth a fortune! From original Nintendo Gameboys selling for hundreds of dollars, to the ultra-rare computer chips from the Hubble telescope worth millions – Bo and Shaun are out to find it all.

Season 1
Date & time
1: Bohus And Shaun... Buy A Jukebox
1: Bohus And Shaun... Buy A Jukebox
Tue 16 June·7:15am