Road To Riches Episode Synopsis

Episode 1

There are collectors … and then there’s Mick.  He has filled his large house with Star Wars memorabilia – every square inch of it.  The trouble is Mick’s super tolerant wife has decided their new born baby – appropriately named Leia after Princess Leia – needs some room too!   Lucas and Mick pick out pieces that will fetch great money – including a full-size Jar Jar Binks model that needs restoring.  All up Mick raises nearly $17,000 at a specialty auction. Lucas hits the country roads to meet Farmer George. It’s been drought for too long, and Farmer George decides he needs to cash up a few old items, and Lucas is the man to get the job done. Some old football caps of George’s great grandfather have been sitting around gathering dust – so he decides to let them go. One of them – a mid-19th century English test cap – collects a handy $14000. Meanwhile, Adrian has invited Lucas in to look at a piece given to him by his father that he thinks could be worth a fortune. It’s a jacket, reputedly worn by rocker Jimi Hendrix!  Lucas gets the research going, because if they can authenticate the jacket it could be worth upwards of ten thousand dollars.

Episode 2

It’s always amazing what people collect – and Shaun is quite the collector! Among his Pacific artefacts and bizarre art pieces, he has a full size stuffed brown bear.  Shaun had picked it up cheap from a fire sale of office furniture – it was a football club mascot – and he wants to see if Lucas can find it a good home.  Shaun also has a handful of paintings in his garage he acquired at a garage sale – $50 for 50 paintings.  One of the paintings catches Lucas’ eye – turns out it’s a genuine Arthur Streeton watercolour – and collects over $2000 at auction. Not a bad earner!  The bear sells for good money to a keen collector with an eye for the quirky. Ian is a collector-cum-author who loves Australian history, and hanging on his wall is an iconic Ned Kelly movie poster that if original could be worth thousands.  Lucas gets it authenticate and places it in a specialty auction where it goes through the roof!

Episode 3

Lucas is invited to Lisbeth’s home to take a look at her deceased grandfather’s possessions.  She’s sorted the sentimental keepsakes – and now wants to sell the rest. Much of it is bric-a-brac that will make a few dollars but hidden in a jar of old coins is a find that could be worth thousands -an old convicts coin called a love token. Lucas gets it authenticated, then takes it to a dealer he knows who offers $13,000.  That’s some love! Meanwhile, an old mate of Lucas’ has been collecting chairs from the side of the road for decades and he invites Lucas in to see of anything takes his eye.  Straight away Lucas spots a classic Featherstone 70s chair.  The Featherstones were Australian designers of the 60s and 760s, and their retro furniture is much in demand.  The only problem is that the chair has a broken leg – so Lucas organises a mate to match and fix the leg .. and it sells at auction for good money. Lucas hits the road to visit the country, and is invited to Penny and Rob’s place. Originally an old courthouse, it’s holding cells are now stacked with old wares they have been collecting, and Lucas spots some great sellable pieces including an original Nobel Dynamite box that goes for great money, and a dozen or so Penfold’s Grange wine that make Panny and Rob a tidy sum. Still in the country, Lucas drops in to help Craig sort out his garages – he has 3 of them full of all his dad’s old junk! The pick of the pieces – footy cards. These were bubblegum cards featuring Rugby League players of the 1960s and 1970s, and he finds a buyer willing to part $5000 for them. He also spots a dusty old guitar – and has it valued as a 1936 National – worth $3000.

Episode 4

Harry has two old Holden cars in his garage and has decided he only really needs one.  His classic green FJ has been handed down through generations and he can’t part with that – but the gorgeous red FC is in showroom and condition and ready to be moved on.  As Lucas is the ‘man who knows the man’ – he suggests Harry goes to Australia’s biggest car enthusiast show to meet a mate who is keen to buy a piece of Aussie history. Lucas meets Victoria, an op shop and garage sale fanatic who has collected some great pieces over the years, and now wants to sell some stuff so she can buy more! Lucas selects a beautiful and unique dinner plate setting, and some rolex watches.  He does his homework and realises the setting is an iconic Californian post war designer and sells the pieces in his shop.  The Rolexes are authenticated and sell for good cash. Out in the country, Lucas has a mate with a keen eye for great furniture – but he knows he’s missing a big market because he doesn’t come to the city.  Lucas selects some beautiful pieces including an English picnic setting and an ornate carved Australian woodbox.  The box goes for big money when Lucas’ research reveals it has quite the pedigree.

Episode 5

In the quiet Sydney suburbs lives an extraordinary old bloke who has made it his life’s work to collect Australian items – so much so he has turned two garages into his private museums.  He invites Lucas to scour the items to see what he can get good money for, as he’d like to be able to give his adult children some much needed cash. Lucas finds old lolly jars, original oil cans, a Hills Hoist model, and first edition Enid Blyton books and makes William a tidy sum. On Sydney Harbour Lucas has arranged to meet two divers who collect bottles. They dig deep below the sandy bottom of the harbour to find pieces that stretch back to Sydney’s colonial days.  Lucas realises there could be good money in their pieces, so he visits a bottle fair and talks to the experts.  The inform him bottles sell for as much as $20,000 each!  Lucas reports back to his diver buddies that their bottle built superannuation is secure! Lucas gets a call from Bill – who has an 1820s bible that he thinks could be worth big money. On his visit to Bill’s Lucas spies something remarkable – out in the backyard Bill’s cats are sitting on some classic mid century chairs which are slowly rotting in the weather. Bill explains he found the chairs by the side of the road so didn’t think much of them. Lucas shoves the cats aside only to discover the chairs are designer classics, and with a bit of TLC could go for big money.  After some work, they sell to a 70s obsessed couple.  And the bible?  Turns out no-one wants old bibles these days, so it’s returned to Bill.

Episode 6

Lucas heads bush to discover an old ironmonger who has spent a lifetime collecting farming paraphernalia – and sadly he passed away. Now his widow and family think it’s time to clear the yard, so they set about the biggest yard sale in the country! Among the treasures are old Furphy water carts that sell for thousands of dollars, original farm tools, and classic items.  Lucas is in his element as people travel from all over Australia to snap up the goods. One of the tricks of Lucas’ trade is to know what’s a bargain, and how to upsell it to pull in big money.  Often the op shops have great items massively under-priced, so he decides to help out his local St Vincent de Paul shop by selecting some items off the shelf and seeing if he can make them big money.  The pick of the bunch is a beautiful Cressida Campbell book they have listed for $45 that sells at auction for $950 – a nice little earner for the charity shop! Old Frank has an even older MG sitting in garage rusting away – so Lucas convinces him to get rid of it and free up the space. Lucas does his homework by visiting the MG Collectors Club and discovers Frank’s car could be worth big money if it’s done up.  Old Frank decides its best to let someone else do the work – so he sells it to a mate of Lucas for a tidy $2300.  Not bad for a rust bucket!